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Chef Daniel Isberg

Food Is a Passion By Chef Daniel Isberg

I used to say: ”to be a chef is not a job - its a lifestyle” and cooking is my life, I really love what I am doing.

I have been cooking around the world for more than 12 years now.

It is really amazing to learn to make Sushi from a Japanese Sushi-chef, Chicken Tikka Masala from a Indian Chef, Red Curry paste from a Thai chef, Scandinavian Gravlax from my grandmother, Pot a Feu from a lady in the French country side, Paella in Costa del Sol from the fishermen’s, Smoking Elk and Rain deer in the snow in the North of Sweden from the Sames, Pig Roast – buried in the ground in Hawaii, etc.

See all the Fresh products, spices, flavours, technics and working methods.

I know I wanted to become a chef very early in my life, it was when I was 2 years old sitting in my grandmothers kitchen, taking out all the pots and pans from the cabinets and said “I want to cook”, when I was getting a little bit older I started to cook with my grandmother, every year I spent the summers in her summer house.

We where catching crayfish & fish from the lake, picking wild berries & mushrooms, she also had a herb garden and many fruit threes with cherries, apples, pears & plums so we took care of the fruits and made marmalades, lemonade, jams, chutneys, juice, a lot of cakes, she is a wonderful cook and she learned me all her secrets when we where cooking together, her speciality was fish, sea food, desserts and baking, she was working in a fish shop for many years when she was young so she know everything about fish and sea food, it was amazing, I still remember these days like yesterday.

I have been working as a chef in different places around the world, Marbella, Paris, Greece, Thailand, Germany, Monaco, St Tropes, Warsaw, Cruise ships in the Caribbean, Mediterranean & Asian, glamorous private parties in Beverly Hills, St Tropez, St Barts, Monaco on private jets and Yachts etc, I have seen a lot……

When I came to California the first time I was falling in love, All the fresh Organic products, the sea food, the farmers markets, the farms and ranches, the food combinations, the vines, the way of working, the lifestyle.

I stayed in California and worked for many years with the best chefs and the best products, it was amazing, I am still a member and a ambassador for The California Mercenary Chefs and still working for the California Wine Institute a couple of times every year on big events and food shows around the world.

California has inspired me very much, I create my own California Cuisine signature dishes.

California Cuisine is all about fresh Local Organic Products. I can say that California Cuisine is a mix of French, Mexican, Asian & American Cuisine.

I am cooking healthy most of the time but sometimes I need to use Foie Gras and butter, Almost all my clients is taking care of their body and want to eat healthy food, when I cook for the entertainment industry, 75% of all the celebrities and the movie stars wants healthy food and they love my California Cuisine with Asian flavours.

The first thing I do when I come to a new country is to go to the market and see all the Local fresh products and spices, then I can create my menus with the best local products, the challenge gives me a kick, I just love it!

I want my food combinations to “explode” in your mouth, I don’t have salt and pepper on my tables, all the flavours is there and my combinations is something different and new for you, I love Lobster and Vanilla, Dark chocolate with sea salt, Foie Gras and sautern wine, Wasabi in White Chocolate, Pickled Herring with Yellow Curry, Blue Cheese on crispy thin ginger Bread, Exotic Fruits with Seafood Ceviche, etc.

One time a guest asked for the Chef, I came out to the table, he asked me if I was crazy? I said why do you think so? He said after reading the menu, the food combinations and the dishes sounds totally crazy, but after tasting your creations, I think you are a Master - this was one of the best meals I ever had in my life.

I believe food is a Culture, as well a Fashion.

I believe that you eat with your eyes to 50%, so the first look at the food presentation is very important for me, I am an artist and I want to show that on my plates, I want to hear “wow” when my food comes to the table.

When you work as a Chef, it is very hard work, you go to the market and buy the products very early in the morning to get the best products before all the other people are coming, you take care of the fish, meat, vegetables, do the prep work for many many hours, finally when you set up the dinner service and execute your dishes, doing your art work on the plates, you feel very happy after a very long and stressful day, but the best is when you hear one of your guests say:

“this is the best food I had in my whole life.”

Then you know it is worth all your hard work.